What’s New?…GE H80 Performance 
on our King Air C90! 

We are seeing phenomenal performance with the H80 engines on the King Air 90 Series of aircraft!  For example,

  • A typical C90 will climb at about 50 FPM at FL260.  The Power90 aircraft is still climbing at 800 FPM at FL280!!
  • On a 34C day (93 degree fahrenheit), the initial rate of climb with the Power90 aircraft is 2,500 FPM!….at 34C!!
  • So how long does it take to get to FL280 in the Power90 Aircraft?  Twenty minutes!

What else do the GE H80 engines offer?

Reduced Maintenance Expense and Downtime.

  • NO REQUIRED HOT SECTION inspection means substantially less maintenance expense, engine set-asides, and much less downtime.
  • NO FUEL NOZZLES (accomplished by utilization of a fuel slinger ring) means no nozzle inspections, no chance of engine damage due to fuel streaking, and no downtime and expense for nozzle inspections.
  • STARTER/GENERATOR maintenance can be done in the field vs. a PT6A which requires more expensive Part 145 Repair Station repair during an overhaul.
  • The ELECTRONIC LIMITING UNIT (ELU) means “hands off” engine starting. If the ELU senses any trending or over-temp indications, it will immediately and automatically abort the engine start. This eliminates the human factor causing most hot starts and start-sequence related engine damage.

You are going to love this aircraft!  Call me and I’ll tell you why!

Dan Sigl
Power90 – Director of Business Development
715.250.1864 Mobile