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Smyrna Air Center is Hurricane Relief Home!

Smyrna Air Center hosted 118 U.S. Military Bell 206 helicopters and T-6 Trainers as they were moved up from Pensacola, Florida to avoid potential damage from Hurricane Isaac.  More importantly, we played host to the pilots flying those aircraft to Smyrna!

“There were no titles last week.  All of our employees jumped in to move pilots, assist our line service, bring in pizza’s, and do whatever else needed to be done.  I’m so proud of our team!” said Brenda Fields, Chief Operating Officer at Smyrna Air Center.  Our line service and customer service reps (CSR’s) are the best in the business and they showed why during this event.

The media couldn’t wait to get a hold of this story.  The Daily News Journal put the story on the front page.  Read the story HERE.

The local NBC, CBS, and ABC affiliates all aired stories on the event.

WKRN – Channel 2 Video 

WSMV – Channel 4 Video

WTVF – Channel 5 Story

The pilots were so friendly and appreciative of everything that we did for them.  They are always true gentlemen and ladies.  At Smyrna Air Center, we all feel very honored to have the opportunity to serve those who serve us.

HERE are some photos of the event.  We think you’ll enjoy them.

Thanks to everyone who participated and assisted in this memorable event!