GE H80

GE H80 Turboprop Engine

Advancing a Legacy of Reliable Power

Featuring 17 million hours on more than 30 applications since its introduction in 1975, the M601 series turboprop engine has a proven record of durability, reliability and ease of maintenance. Derived from this dependable platform, the GE H80 is bringing advanced power to the turboprop landscape.

GE is incorporating sophisticated technologies into the H80 to elevate it to even higher levels of performance. Modern 3D aero design and advanced materials have been integrated into the compressor stages and turbine of the engine’s gas generator. A blisk design, replacing individually bladed compressor disks, has also been incorporated in the axial compressor stages. Materials with higher temperature capabilities have been introduced into the turbine nozzle guide vanes of both the gas generator and power turbine. These technologies deliver more shaft horsepower, improve engine fuel efficiency and provide increased temperature margin, significantly enhancing hot-day takeoff performance and high-altitude cruise speeds.

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• Fuel control unit

• Fuel pump

• Ignition unit

• Oil filter impeding by-pass signaller

• Gas generator speed transmitter

• Prop speed transmitter

• ITT transmitter

• Torque meter

• Oil temperature transmitter

• Engine mount body

• Starter/generator

• Propeller speed governor

• Propeller speed limiter

• Engine limiting unit

• Beta signaller switch

• Fuel filter with by-pass signaller

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